Thursday, April 17, 2003

Strangest e-mail of the year?

Andy says:
"i hate eccentric oafs winging incessantly
savagely intoxicated and possessing other things
including cats, doves and dogs that twang away without alteration in the


It's been a nice week, in terms of weather anyway, so yesterday I decided to run alongside the Thames.
For excercise.
And maybe fun...

I over estimated my fitness and as a result, today my legs hurt and I'm walking like a very camp gay man.
I should take advantage of it and audition for some stage roles I suppose...

Today I decided that just standing by the Thames to eat my lunch would be nice. The sun shone strong and my lunch was good.
And now my head is pink.

I'm going to have my Easter break (down) now.
Take care.

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