Thursday, April 10, 2003

My Epic submission target has risen from two, to three to the current twelve.
I have three almost done at the moment, and an idea for another two (maybe...)

We'll see.

The plan is to bombard them with stuff until they've eventually had enough and publish one of my scripts!
If nothing comes of this (which let's be honest is the most likely outcome - they're bound to receive thousands upon thousands of submissions) at least now I've actually written some comics scripts.

There's no need to write a formal script if you know you're going to be drawing it yourself.
And when they get returned with 'No Thank You' notes attached at least I can put them up on my website in the WORDS section and boost my content by a couple of kilobytes.


The dentist I visited today to save my Au molar is in Beckton.
Up until November last year I lived on my own in a flat in Beckton, across the road from the Dentist's practice. Which is why he is my dentist.

Going back for the first time in six months was a strange experience. I felt a bit sad, remembering all the happy times I had while I was there.
It also reminded me of my time off last year, when I could take as long as I wanted to do whatever I wanted. Today I was hurrying to get back to the office (as it was, I took around 3 hours) and the contrast struck me.

The train passed the park I sat in almost every day last summer.
I'd sit, with my back propped against the saddle of my bike (which always had a puncture - the only variable being whether it was slow or fast) and read, turning slowly brown.
I'm not sure what I felt seeing it again.

I think it would have been a lot more difficult seeing it all again if the weather had been better - I was pelted with hail stones when I got out at the station.
I'm to go back in May to see my clever dentist again... I bet it'll sunnier then.

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