Tuesday, March 18, 2003

When I started writing this blog, I didn't want it to become another one of the thousand writer's blogs on the web documenting the writer's failure to actually write anything.

Monday : Wrote a page. Not a good one. A bit fed up.
Tuesday : Walked the dog. Argued with the wife. Didn't feel like writing.
Wednesday : Wrote an advert proposal for cornflakes. I'll maybe post it off tomorrow.

(Aside : I don't feel very comfortable calling myself a writer, and won't until/unless I actually get something published. I know that's not really a validation of my writing ability, but I think it's a prerequisite for adopting the title myself)

Nonetheless - I want to talk about the writing I'm doing at the moment. After two or three months of very slowly working through bits and pieces, none of which really amounted to anything, I'm starting to speed up again. Maybe I'm a fairweather 'writer', and I'm only productive in the summer.
That would be cool, especially if I can get IT contracts for the gloomy winter months.

Since I got the keyboard for my Palm, I've started steaming ahead on a couple of stories.
My latest is called The Slumber and it's about a space bound failed marriage, and the biggest archaeological find in the history of our species.
I'm also working on a piece of musical theatre, as yet untitled, about the two worst guardian angels in the Heavenly Host, and a fed-up Lucifer.

Incidentally - did you know that fed-up is a falconry term?
The only way to train a falcon is to keep him hungry, and reward good behaviour with food. So it becomes quite easy to get him to do what you want if he is feeling peckish. Unfortunately once you feed him, he becomes surly and unresponsive - and you have to wait until the next meal time before you can do anything with him again.
(Thanks to Douglas Adams for teaching me that)

I miss Call My Bluff. It was a good mid-day program, and they pulled it right at the start of my six-months-off last year.
I felt like I was taking part in it there for a second...

And I'm still working towards finishing Awkward Fascination before the end of March.
Maybe having a deadline will spur me on.


Tuesday : Quite chuffed that I'm writing stuff, but didn't actually do anything today apart from write

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