Wednesday, February 05, 2003

So - today's gone reasonable well.
Was knackered for the first half of the day - until I had a couple of shots of caffeine, then I was on top of the world for a couple of hours.

Still waiting for the inevitable system crash...

Started Reinventing Comics last night. Scott McCloud is a bloody genius! He not only managed to summarise the first work (which is a towering monument to his brilliance) in three pages, but also squeezed a laugh in at the end. This man should be a millionaire and remembered forever - any other outcome is even more evidence that the universe is grossly unfair by default. Perhaps in a parallel world he sits atop a pile of gold, his glittering plateau populated with dancing girls, and bowing worshippers begging to learn the ways of sequential art.

Going out to dinner tonight - well, Brick Lane for a curry, but with a large enough group of good friends for it to be 'dinner'. Tomorrow is the Boogie on the Thames charity night. Should be fun.

Right - back to work. Blogging on the job again - where will my rebellion end?

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