Monday, February 17, 2003

Sitting here, contemplating going to bed, listening to Jazz FM. For the first time in about 6 months they're playing a track that makes we want to change the station.
George Michael... Eurgh.

I keep telling myself over and over again, that everything is transient. The next four minutes will be over in four minutes time, and then they can never hurt me again.

Aaaaah. He's gone.

Just got back from seeing Daredevil. Damn good film, despite what the papers have been saying. Just as good as Spider-Man for my money. Bring on X-Men 2 and the Hulk now.

Saw Punch Drunk Love (I think there's a hyphen in there somewhere) at the weekend. The press has been saying things like 'not your average romantic comedy' in the reviews. No - it's not. Cos it's not a romantic comedy.
Very off-beat movie indeed. Less The Wedding Singer and more like Trees Lounge.

Made me feel very uneasy, seeing people act in a very non-Hollywood way on the silver screen. Completeley worth watching. An hour and a half well spent.

And listen out for the best pillow talk in a movie ever!

Going to bed now.
Hopefully without hearing George bloody Michael again!

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