Monday, February 24, 2003

Nothing to panic about.

Breathe deeply...

I had an ear infection at the weekend, which I took to a hospital and asked them to look at.
The Galwegian doctor had a look and said something like
'That looks very painful', to which I nodded in reply, and then 'You'll need some drugs for that.'

I had thought that I might be sitting here today recovering from the discomfort. (It was bloody sore at the time). What I didn't expect was to be sitting here trying desperately to recover from the drugs.

A coffee this morning only added to my distress.
As did the early morning start and many phone calls and e-mails from European users at work wanting to buy and sell FX Options and not being able to.

I feel like my already tenuous grip on sanity and reality has begun to slip.
Strung out on difene, caffeine, solpadine and autgmentin I find myself entering the afternoon nothing more than a drug dribbling mess.

Why I would want anyone else to know this I don't know at the moment...
Answers on a postcard.

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