Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Just given myself the mother of all paper cuts so typing isn't as easy as it should at the moment...

Anyway - you know you've been at work too long when you try to use your office proximity pass to get into your house!

I think I'm developing some sort of symbiotic relationship with my team, either that or our moods and modes are getting in synch like when lots of women live in the same house.
At the end of today I starting to feel really knackered, and thought it was either time to go home, or time to have a coffee.

I've been trying to stay off the coffee - I'm quite scared of forming a dependency on caffeine, and I've been asking people all year how many coffees/days it takes for you to form a 'habit'. No one knows, and any information on the web is contradictory and unreliable.
Even Jeeves has let me down.

I know caffeine isn't that bad compared to most things addictive, and God knows it's not like I'm a clean living health freak, but I just don't like the idea of needing something in the morning to wake me up. Other than my alarm clock that is.

Anyway, I returned from the coffee shop on the eighth floor to find everyone clearing their desks and getting ready to go home. It turns out they were all pretty much in the same state and had faced the same dilemma. I was the only one stupid/dedicated/eager-to-impress enough to go for the coffee option.

Home now though.


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