Monday, February 03, 2003

It seems that when I changed the timezone on the blog it was retroactively altered in my other posts... Which of course means now I really do look like a madman; talking about eating cornflakes at 2am for no apparent reason.

I'm not going to let that worry me.

I wonder how often I'll post here - or what I'll post here.
To start with I'm going to use it as a diary of sorts. Nothing too personal or squelchy in detail, but as I don't keep one in the real world it might come in handy for something...

I'm knackered tonight. Going to go home to put some comics stuff up on my web site.
Just found out that somehow the scanner application seems to have confused the files I asked it to save with the ones I asked it to throw away and forget forever. Wasn't me guv - that's for sure.

I wonder how the hell they can manage to write an application with a user interface so confusing that it completely baffles someone who develops applications for a living. They must have worked damn hard at it.

Although that doesn't baffle me as much as the fact that London seems to be the only city in the world that can be brought to a stand still after an eighth of an inch of snow.

Job's going well, Thames looks nice just now. Pitch black outside.
Must be home time.

So tired...

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