Monday, January 27, 2014

I've Spring-cleaned the website a little. (Don't worry if you haven't noticed - it's my website, not yours. I rarely spot when people get new haircuts, careers, children etc. so honestly, please don't sweat it.)

To be honest, the last colour scheme was beginning to give me a headache. It got to the stage that whenever anybody asked for my business card (which obviously happens very rarely due to the hermitic nature of being a comics writer) I always felt the need to deliver it alongside an apology for my website being both out-of-date and a horrible shade of green. I'm much happier now that it's more current and not the colour of a nasty sinus infection. Anyway, I thought while I was here I might as well write a short blog.

My most popular blog posts have all featured 2000AD scripts so I'll do that again. Here is the script for a Future Shock I wrote that saw the light of day last year in Prog 1788. And for those of you interested in how these things work, here is the original pitch I sent to Tharg (the alien editor of 2000AD). It was drawn by the very talented Nick Dyer and looked something like this:

I have to run as I'm super-busy due to having a novel coming out tomorrow (Portal 666, if you're interested - although I'm not sure whether you can buy it outside of the US at the moment...) which (if I can carve out some free time) I'll blog about here later in the week.

Hope you like the script!

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