Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I attended The Eagle Awards - the UK comic industry's answer to the Oscars. There was free beer and the ceremony was presented by the guy who does Bender's voice in Futurama but that's not what I will remember about that night. For me the highlight was undoubtedly when Tharg (the alien editor of The Galaxy's Greatest Comic - 2000AD) leaned across the Twigglet-strewn V.I.P. table and said, in a booming voice of course, 'David - did I tell you that Jesus Redondo is drawing your Terror Tale?'

For those not in the know a Terror Tale is a four-page black and white horror story in 2000AD. And Jesus Redondo is one of the most legendary comics artists of the last three-and-a-bit decades of British comics. He drew the most lauded of Alan Moore's Future Shocks / Time Twisters as well as many other pivotal strips from the dawn of 2000AD - MACH 1, Nemesis the Warlock and The Mind of Wolfie Smith. (He also illustrated the incredible Mind Wars for Star Lord - well before my time!) To have him draw one of my stories - and in 2000AD no less - is a genuine honour.

2000AD prog 1737 also features a great Dredd strip by Gordon Rennie and Lee Carter, the next chapters in the Harry Absolom, Red Seas and Young Judge Anderson stories and sports a cracking cover by Sean Phillips. It's on sale now in all good newsagents, comic shops and available digitally from 2000AD's own website.

THARGFACT: Prog 1737 - 4/5 written by Scotsmen!

I answer some questions about Future Shocks, Turtles and other stuff over at Marvelous Matt Badham's Writing blog.

Come back tomorrow for another blog post (two in one week - what's going on?) about KAPOW!, SCCAM and possibly some topics that don't consist entirely of capital letters.

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