Friday, January 29, 2010

Morning all.

I'll finish the posts about the Casita Variations soon, but I've been caught in a fight to the death with some deadlines this week so I'll just offer some links instead...

I generally hate motivational self help books/websites but I really like Tiny Buddha. For example I enjoyed reading this post about Living Your Life Out Loud. But, as with most lists with more than four or five items, it kind of runs out of steam before the half way mark. (Your mileage may vary.)

Something else I quite like is Twitter. I keep meaning to talk about it here (which I suppose is what I'm doing now) but rather than drone on I'll just link you to Clive Barker, whose tweets are never less than interesting. He delivered the following over three messages this morning from L.A.
The great German actress Lotte Lenya told a story about her life that I've always believed contained an undeniable truth. She worked furiously to become a success. Finally she saw her name on a huge bill-board.'Is that all ?'she said. 'I feel nothing.' My experience is the reverse of that. As a young man,success felt empty. Now, I equate it with having a presence in the lives of others.

How to Keep Your Brain Smart.

Please, please, please visit the Sleep Talking Man blog. You can thank me later.

I'm going to risk looking like a self help junky and also link to the best Zen Habit posts of 2009.

The best Simpsons quotes of all time.

And (I dunno if I posted this already, but its good) - an artist takes acid.

Oh and Melissa Auf der Mar. Yup.

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