Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi there

The blog might be quiet for a few weeks as I struggle through a ton of work and start thinking about what I should be doing with myself next year, but in the meantime - some things:

If you're fast you'll still be able to catch this month's Judge Dredd in shops. It looks like this...

and contains an interview I conducted with legendary ABC Warriors artist Kev Walker. (My fifteen year old self would have exploded at the prospect!) It also contains articles by my good friends Matt Badham and Joel Meadows, and some ace comics. (I especially liked Gordon Rennie's new Bat Loco strip).

Also keep your eyes open for B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. - a chunky new anthology of comics from some of the people who used to make up LUC. Fingers crossed it'll be on sale at next year's Angouleme festival in France, but it will also be available from contributing cartoonists at the Comiket event taking place on the 8th of Nov at the ICA.

It's a fiver and sports a brilliant cover by the immensely talented Francesca Cassavetti.
(And yeah - that's me with no top on leading the charge.)

OK - I'm off to return to my early mid-life crisis (or late quarter-life crisis), but before I go I'll leave you with this:
How to open a banana like a monkey

It'll change your life.

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geoff said...

this is the reason i love your blog and you have to continue to write it! I have just discovered todaysbigthing.com and with it an almost endless supply of distractions, just in time to start the new job! Thanks dude - good luck in Paris.

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