Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Earlier in the week, armed only with a copy of From Hell and some maps, Ade 'Surprise Truck' Brown guided John, Rohne and myself around the path of the fifty mile pentacle that Gull and Netley travel in chapter four.

These are some photos of that trip.

Beginning at 74 Brook Street - Gull's House

Handel and Hendrix: next door neighbours


(but they left the chapel standing)

The first victim lived above this shop (we think)

Water at the British Museum

West End Hawksmoor - back

West End Hawksmoor - front

Surprise Truck in action

Doesn't serve food on Mondays

Memorial at Embankment

Memorial at Embankment

Cleopatra's Needle

Riddle me this...

A photo of John taking a photo of this sign

Wm Blake's own blue plaque

More photos later in the week.

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Andy Luke said...

Captivating stuff. Having a lot of fun following this following.

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