Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Neck deep in work and stuff at the moment, but here are some distractions:

A photo story previously found at Elephant Words...

Other recent stories (by me) can be found at these links:
* Scary Girl in the Shop
* flight
* tweet in the tale
* Two Blocks Of Ice
* Thumpstone
* Matt Wakes Up

The other writers at that site are even more talented than me so you really should click over there and start reading.

If you're in the UK you can listen to an incredible Harold Pinter double bill of Moonlight and Voices at the BBC. (For the next 4 days anyway).

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Alex said...

Anything happening in the world of David Baillie that the public might like to know about today? Hint:

David Baillie said...

Hi Alex - crikey tonight?!?

I thought it was Wednesday but couldn't find any mention of it so decided it must be next week.
I'll write a post!

And thanks again!

Alex said...

You're very welcome!

THE BLOG IS DEAD (I mean the blog as a medium. This blog is merely sleeping.) I really miss writing the blog so I'm determined ...