Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've just emailed off my strip for this year's Accent UK anthology, Western. If you've read my contributions to Accent's fine books Robots and Zombies you won't be surprised that it's called The Cowboy Interviews. The book's not out until next year, but here's a quick peak at some sketches of the main characters...

As soon as this is posted I'm going to pack for a weekend in Scotland- it's Dashing Douglas Noble's wedding! Dan Goodbrey is the best man, and I think Dan Lester and Sean Azzopardi are playing in the function band - so it's going to be like another comic convention. That'll be my thirty five hundredth of the year then!

Anyway, can't wait, but I'm dreading the cold. I always forget that Edinburgh is firmly inside the Arctic Circle and temperatures rarely rise above three degrees C.

Hello to anyone I met and said hello to (or even completely ignored) at the Birmingham International Comics Convention. A great time was had by all.

(photo courtesy of Mike Rouse Dean)

Apologies to anyone waiting for the next instalment of my Belly Button Bubble Chronicles, it's been a crazy month - what with my birthday, holiday, conventions, weddings, paying gigs and other stuff, and I decided to take a break for the sake of my sanity. There will be a new chapter next week and my plan is to wrap up all 52 episodes by the end of the year.

Although I also planned to be a world famous writer by the time I was thirty, so maybe take that with a pinch of salt...

See you in the funny papers.

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