Thursday, July 31, 2008

Live in Oxford?
Like Jam?
Like comics?

How about two out of three?
Cool! Then you should pop along to the Jam Factory in Oxford tonight (the 31st) for the launch party of the Caption Comics Collective Exhibition. I'll be there. So will others. I'm told it kicks off at 6.30ish.
"(The exhibition) runs the gamut from the autobiographical to the fantastic, in a broad range of styles and media. You'll find narratives to follow around the gallery, keenly observed slices of life, adventure, surrealism and humour."
So there you go. Creators at the show include Andrew Luke (who did all the legwork in organising the beast) Jeremy Dennis, Deirdre Ruane, D'Israeli, Terry Wiley, Sally Anne-Hickman, Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey, Ellen Lindner, Jess Bradley and me.

In other news:
New El Word - Dirty Dan is Looking at You
(my way of welcoming new writer Dan Lester to the site)

Congratulations to Portico Quartet on being nominated for a Mercury Award.

I mentioned them on here last September after seeing them on my birthday, playing a daytime gig in a park in town. The percussionist had a fantastic home-made hitty-box thing. He said he'd send me instructions on how to make it if I emailed him. I bet he's too busy now. Try to see them live before they become massive!

Funky new animated webtoon / game hybrid written by Peter Milligan for the BBC - meta4orce.

The only bad thing about summer...
I think something buzzy has bitten my bum.

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