Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just got back from a few days in Scotland (my friends Steve and Louise, who are now sunbathing in Sardinia, got married in Bearsden last Friday) and slowly building up a head of steam. I turned off my spam filter when I was away because the last time I escaped the desk my mail server ate some client emails and, understandably, they weren't too impressed. The downside to this is that I've spent most of the morning deciding which of my thousand emails are scams and which are genuine offers of work/viagra/free holidays in the sun. If I could afford an assistant I'd spend the money on a trip round the world and a new pair of jeans.

Some stuff:
My new El Words piece - Draft – New Miniseries (No Title Yet)

Sunset over Mars (via

(Can't remember what the story was... via BBC)

Other stuff:
A really good interview with grumpy old man Harlan Ellison at A. V Club
A great comic from Ryan Pequin: The Walk

Last night my mate Rob texted me with the offer of a last-minute-spare ticket for Radiohead, who were playing in our local park, so I didn't have much downtime after the train from Edinburgh docked. Really good gig, a veritable trip down memory lane - even though I'm not very old. Honest! Their back catalogue will be getting heavy rotation in the studio this week.

Studio. Hah... That almost sounded vaguely glamorous.

If you're chomping at the bit waiting for an email, phone call, work, words of wisdom or a new Belly Button episode you'll get what you want soon - promise!

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