Friday, April 04, 2008

I can feel the beginnings of summer tugging at my kilt.

Winter wasn't actually that bad this year (last year was miserable!) but I'm still anxious for the first day of the year where I can take my work to the park and relax in the sunshine.

Two new El Words, for anyone who fancies:
The Man Who Came For Dinner and My Funeral

I met Jim Medway in the pub after all those London comix things last week and he was a really nice bloke. He speaks to Matty Badbacon at Overspill about stuff, most of which will be new to indie comics people. Well worth a read...

News of the Siegel estate's partial reclaiming of the Superman copyright brightened up my week (it's just a shame there's no one from the Shusters to take similar action). Mark Evanier's review of the NYT's reporting on the story highlights another (recurring) injustice.

The National Portrait Gallery is running a Vanity Fair exhibition until the 26th of May. This fantastic photo of Hilary Swank caught my eye...

I think I'll have to check it out.

Clickee things for the bored:

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (I must do this one year)
Six Gay Geeks Who've Improved the Pop Culture Landscape
Wolverine Daily (these are brilliant!)
More MAD tutorials (all good stuff)

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