Saturday, December 15, 2007

See Belly Button #13 for details of my latest health meltdown, hopefully no one was worried by my absence...
What do you mean you didn't even notice?

OK - Some things for you to check out:

Joel Meadows and Dave Morris bring you the Hidden City Blog.

A new online world, Arden, brings the bard's various worlds to life in one cyber space. Sounds interesting if anyone has a spare hour or two...

Amiini have added music to poet Lee Hazlewood's 'At the Top of the World' - and the result is something beautiful.

And if you're looking for more musical thought-stir Holly Near's I Ain't Afraid is great.

Both of these were first discovered while listening to late night radio. The best stuff is always played after midnight and, co-incidentally, that's often when the creative part of my brain kicks in. I blame all that studying I did.

Anyway, I've recently discovered that I can get that 'early hours of the morning' feeling at any time of the day by tuning in to late night radio programme 're-streams'. I recommend Radio 3's Late Junction.

In other news I've had three requests for interviews in the last few weeks. I'll post links to them as soon as they're up. (Although one will be in French, so you'll have to get an adult to translate for you!)

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