Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Posting this on the new Beta Blogger... Haven't noticed much of a difference yet. Which is fine. Change doesn't always need to be disorientating!

I dragged myself out of my sick bed to show face at Dreddcon 6.5% in Oxford on Saturday. Still having a cold (and being inexplicably deaf in one ear for the whole day) I stayed wrapped up for the event, so if you were there and didn't see me - I was the guy in the hat, scarf and gloves.

As luck would have it Jenny and Dan were having a new-paint-in-the-house warming party, barely a half hour walk from Dreddcon, which they were kind enough to allow me to attend. It turned it it was a huge amount of fun and, despite my coughy sneezy sickness, I stayed until way past last-train-time and had to get the Oxford Tube home. This is a bus that runs all night between Oxford and London and has onboard wireless. I stayed awake long enough to read Dilbert, Peanuts, American Elf and PVP on my PDA and then snoozed all the way to Victoria. Andy was kind enough to wait with me in the sub-zero temperatures, and we talked about Autobots in Iraq and Shaky Kane, which was cool.

Speaking of Dilbert - I hope you're all reading Scott Adams' blog. It is constantly hilarious, insightful and incredibly well written. He is also , to the best of my knowledge, the only blogger currently hypnotising his readership.
No, really.

I'll leave you with some quotes from recent posts, then you can go have a read yourself.

All the experts agree that kids can learn new languages faster than adults. I am not impressed. If I had as few problems as a 9-year old, I could learn Chinese over the weekend. Let that kid start worrying about his HTML code, Iran’s nuclear program, and the Alternative Minimum Tax trap – then let’s see who can conjugate faster.

I’ve described the clash of Islam and Christianity – everything from the Crusades to the war on terror – as “The people who think a guy walked on water versus the people who think a horse can fly.” I submit that anything you add to that description is unnecessary for understanding the global clash of civilizations.

Mensa meetings are the strangest experience. No one ever has to explain anything twice. That’s a bigger deal than you might think. Your typical day is full of moments where you ask for a cup of coffee and someone hands you a bag of nails. You don’t realize how much time you spend re-explaining things until you no longer need to. Mensa is very cool that way.

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