Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yesterday I was in Brick Lane for the London Design Festival, which was a sight to behold. Some great and crazy things there and others that defy the laws of aesthetics, function and gravity.

I’ll tell you why I was there in a minute (I need to keep it at the end of the post for reasons that will become obvious) but first, let me show you some photos I took while munching on a salt beef bagel and waiting for my bus home afterwards.

A half dozen, or so, cops got suited up in riot gear (one of them armed with a battering ram) then raided a flat on a road just off Bethnal Green Road. They were in there for about ten minutes and then, to the disappointment of their eager audience, came out empty handed, disrobed and drove off.

Best exchange of the whole ruckus:
MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC (on a bike) : What’s goin’ on, then?
POLICEMAN IN RIOT GEAR : Mind your own effin’ business!
MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC (to everyone) : Someone’s forgot to pay their TV licence, innit?
Right, so anyway I was in the area to visit Steve Watson, for whom I had done a bit of work. Steve is an Aussie designer, who can be found on the web here, and is, among other things, both a mate and a brilliant designer.

He commissioned me to create an image for the floor of his booth at the 100% East exhibit, which was part of the LDF on Brick Lane. The brief was specific, and a bit adult, so I’ve hidden the final images behind a click link.

So here is your official warning: If you are offended by images of a cartoon-adult nature, or you are at work, please DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK...

And here it is...

Censored by The Man - and made even dirtier by foot traffic

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