Thursday, July 27, 2006

I just got back from San Diego and I’m a gibbering, hungover, jetlagged mess.
I had a room all to myself last night for the first time in two weeks, which was nice. Well I say I had it all to myself – I think I shared it with a mosquito or other similar flying/biting creature which has taken a few lumps out of me.

I’m off to Galway for the weekend, and when I get back I’m doing a two week contract in North London, so you’ll just have to wait for my San Diego update.

For those who can’t – here’s a teaser trailer (imagine Voice Over Man reading it if it helps…)

· Disneyland with my globetrotting friends Jane and Ang.
· After having a terrible time finding accommodation in San Diego for the con, eventually having to settle for sharing with 5 girls in a room by the beach.
· Saturday morning – I’m ‘off duty’ and wearing beach shorts – Eddie Campbell taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘You wouldn’t walk around Glasgow like that, would ye?’
· Watching Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo in a huge hall with a deafening crowd of fans
· Being propositioned outside the ladies toilet in the Hyatt
· Picking up Lost Girls from Melinda Gebbie

Yeah, you read that right, Lost Girls. Which means that I have one of the few colour copies in the country (Chris Staros reckons it might be only the second, but I bet I’m not the only one bringing it back with me).

Before I sign off and prepare for the weekend, I should mention that while I was away I heard the sad news that Tom Frame has passed away. For those who don’t know, Mr Frame was the letterer on Judge Dredd and many other strips in 2000AD, and a lot of us here in the UK have grown up with his lettering style. He made the job look far easier than it is, and his craftsmanship will be sorely missed in British comics.

Tom Spurgeon has a round up of people’s reactions.

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