Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I found my sunglasses, if anyone cares. They were beside the Batmobile.
The sun is out and it's starting to look like another lovely day. I'm doing some colouring indoors today, which means I’ll be having lunch in the park.

I’ve been to two gigs in the last couple of weeks, both thanks to the same man - the ever-effervescent Ade Brown. Last week I saw Jeff Lewis and Adam Green, which was a really fun gig, and then last night he introduced me to King Creosote at the Cobden Club.

Great interview with Miranda July here, if you haven’t seen her film Me and You and Everyone We Know, then you must. That site also has a good Dave McKean interview.

Okay some links…

Dal sent me this – it’ll have you giggling all afternoon. (Unless you’re as busy as I am then it’ll do the same, but for a shorter time).

Maya Deren’s awesome short film Meshes of the Afternoon is up on YouTube. If anyone wants my notes from Robert Mckee’s dissection of it at his ‘Film Masterpiece’ class last year just ask.

Philip K Dick has lost his head. (Which is a shame as I saw it last year in San Diego and thought it was really cool).

And belated birthday wishes to Cheetah, who was 74 earlier this month.

Right – another hour of work and then some Chinese food and a bike ride into Victoria Park…

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