Wednesday, February 15, 2006

  • Half price roses – get your half price roses here. Six pound per dozen.
  • Excuse me…
  • Yeah?
  • Yesterday you were selling twelve roses for thirty pounds.
  • Tha’s right.
  • But half of thirty is fifteen…
  • Indeed, sir. Your grasp of the mathematics is to be admired.
  • So why are you pretending that you were selling your roses for only twelve pounds yesterday?
  • Because if I remind any of these gentlemen passing that they paid thirty quid for a dozen flowers that’ll last no more than a day or two, they’ll probably burst into tears and that’ll put off today’s customers.
  • You think that’s likely?
  • Only one day of the year a man’s mad enough to shell out that sort o’ money. Paid for my holiday to Barbados this year it ‘as.
  • I’ll take six.

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