Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Testing, testing...
1 2 3...

Well, I don’t know if you noticed but there was an unscheduled interruption here at last week. My webhosts, who shall go unnamed but with any luck not unpunished, decided to close up shop and give their clients three days notice. My new hosts, despite boasting 24/7 support, seem to operate something closer to a 8/5 service and so the transfer between the two was anything but seamless.

On top of that (hold on – do I sound like I’m whinging?) it looks like most of the e-mails I thought I’d sent last week went precisely nowhere. So if you didn’t get an e-mail from me last week, there’s a chance you should have done.

Unless I don’t know you. In which case the lack of contact was entirely intended.

I’m in Chichester for a few days before flying home on Christmas Eve. I have a choc-a-block schedule over the festive season so I won’t be taking much time off (unless three days sounds excessive to any of you). I am planning a trip to Morocco at new year though, so hold back on the sympathy.

A gorgeous piece of art landed in my travelling InBox this afternoon from Mr Douglas Noble. Douglas’s Story (for that is what it’s called) will be available in an exciting format next year. If you’re lucky, maybe in time for the UkWebAndMiniComixThing in March.

Watch this space.
And this one.
And this one, too.

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