Monday, September 26, 2005

Okay – things are still very busy here in Baillie Mansions. I finished the childrens’-book-I-cannot-name yesterday and delivered it to the author, who seemed very pleased with how it looks. It has a trial reading tomorrow, which will hopefully go well.

Contractually I’m not allowed to post any of the art here, or anywhere in fact, but as soon as I can I will, as I’m quite proud of it.

Meanwhile you too can own some original David Baillie artwork!
Just 1 Page presents : All Of Comics Vs. Dr Fredric Wertham

The winner will receive the original black and white artwork, an A3 colour laser print of the final colour version (as it appeared on the back cover of this year’s J1P book) and a copy of my latest comic, Kwot.

All proceeds go to Childline and it’s currently sitting at $13 – a bargain, I say!
Go bid.

I’m off to begin work on The Indiscriminate Device.

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