Monday, August 22, 2005

Last night I took a posse up to Kentish Town to see the Dead Roads play after a curry feast fit for a king right here in Mile End.

After the gig I had a chat with Dan, the singer.
‘Have you got one of our CDs?’ he asked.
‘No, it’s cool, I got all those tracks on mp3 from your website.’
‘Oh, okay.’
I looked at the CD. ‘Is that your new logo, then?’
‘Yeah it was the best I could do.’
‘Do you want me to knock you one up?’
‘You said you would actually.’
‘Ah… Sorry. Was I drunk?’
‘^%$@, sorry mate,’ I said, knowing that all comics creators should swear in symbol.
I mentally added one more line to my ToDo list…

Go to The Dead Roads website. Listen to the three rockin’ tracks that are up there. E-mail the Dan @ the website and tell him how good his new band are.
Then go see them live.

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