Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Douglas mailed this morning to inform me that the eponymous Steven Grant had reviewed my Kwot at comicbookresources:
KWOT by David Baillie, 28 pg b&w comic (David Baillie;$?)

Another oddball little project, involving tiny robots, giant robots in kilts, diners, surreal superheroes, belligerent mutants and TV stars. It's more dialogue than story, but thankfully Baillie handles dialogue well, with snappy characterization. The cartooning's good enough, and he shows a flair for expression that far more accomplished artists have yet to master. It'd be nice if the work didn't feel quite so ephemeral, but it's good as far as it goes.
Not bad, eh? I really rate Mr Grant as a writer, so I'll be sure to fish a good quote out of this for my next book.

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