Monday, July 11, 2005

San Diego is, as I've heard from anyone who has ever been here, a very cool place.

I'm staying at a place right on Ocean Beach, which is very chilled and verging on a bohemian paradise.

Having a lot of fun just relaxing during the day and then partying on the beach. From what I've heard this is exactly the opposite of how I'll be spending the latter half of this week at the Con.

Also getting a good bit of work done. If I've mentioned to any of you the children's book I'm illustrating - it is now going full steam ahead. I've roughed out most of the book and have final drawings for a few pages.

Hopefully the author will like them.

And if you made it to the Jester Festival in West Hampstead this weekend you may have seen my darling girlfriend holding the fort on a stall selling cards bearing my designs. I've already had some interest, which is of course very cool indeed.

I have to go now.
There's a party on the beach.

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