Sunday, May 01, 2005

Went to the Beltane Fire Festival up on Calton Hill last night, which was really cool apart from the other 14,999 people getting in the way.

There was also an ample demonstration of why anarchy won’t work in the UK, despite the great song, and much to my disappointment. At the climax of the ceremony there was a lot going on, a lot to see and a lot of people obstructing this interesting view. So one chap in the part of the crowd I was in started calling for everyone to sit down. It began in the middle, with trusting types sitting down in the belief that those in front and behind would follow suit. And, surprisingly, they did. For about ten minutes it was bliss – everyone could see everything that was going on.
And then someone at the front, who had presumably had enough of everyone behind him seeing so well, stood up. Then the guy behind him stood up, because all of a sudden who couldn’t see. And so on.


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