Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I’m still recovering from the weekend. After weeks of speaking to hardly anyone for days on end, I suddenly had to adapt to all-day-talking on both Saturday and Sunday.
But it was worth it.

Saturday was fantastic - kudos to Mr Pat Findlay, who organized the Thing. It was even more of a success than last year. Turn out was great and I was pleasantly surprised to find some customers returning looking for new material. Kwot seems to have gone down quite well - I’ve received a few e-mails from people who enjoyed it. If you picked it up on the day, let me know what you think.

The 24 Minute Comic wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be, although my hand was definitely a bit shakier than it normally is when drawing and I think that’s probably obvious from the finished product. Mike Carey provided 24 rhyming couplets, around which we based the adventures chronicled in the comic, and it all worked out really well. Well done to Adrian Brown for organising and co-ordinating it all! I will be adding the tagline ‘Part of a team of elite world record breaking cartoonists’ to my CV today.

Of course the real convention didn’t start until all the tables were cleared of comics and we all met in the pub. It was a great night, just sitting drinking and laughing with many (whose names and links would be here if I weren’t blogging this across a dial-up connection today – but hello to Baz, Leon, Bridgeen, Merl, Paul, Douglas et al if any of them are reading this). It was a bit of a late one (Baz tells it exactly how it happened) and I ended up being entertained by the senior staff of Smallzone and Engine comics until half past four in the morning.

That helped greatly when I had to get up at eight the following morning to travel north for the wedding celebration of my friends Ania and Ian.

After a bit of walking and eating on Monday, in the countryside surrounding East Leake, I think I’ll sleep all day today.


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