Monday, February 21, 2005

This isn't a cold snap.
Britain must have relocated to the Arctic Circle last night.

I woke up this morning and was shocked to hear on the 8 o clock news (I begin most weeks enthusiastically in this time zone before slowly slipping into EST) that Hunter S. Thompson has shot himself.

I hope no one who knew him heard this terrible news the same way.
It must have happened in the middle of the night, or at least too late for the early morning paper to run the story.

This year is only 51 days old and we have lost Thompson, Arthur Miller and Will Eisner - three men whose work I've admired and studied.
A further reminder that our time here is way too short.

Also newsworthy this morning:

Sandra Dee, wife of Bobby Darin, dies, aged 63.
(Shortly after giving her approval to Kevin Spacey’s biopic of her late husband, Bobby Darin. She never remarried, even though he died in the 50s.)

Swiss Referee Urs Meier talks about how English fans terrorised him and made his life a misery after he disallowed some goal or other during a football tournament last year.
Most people would agree that the treatment handed out to Meier following the game was over the top and that the personal nature of the abuse suffered by a man simply 'doing his job' went way beyond the pale. Meier recalls "I had 16,000 [emails]" and that his business was inundated with abusive calls; "there had been 5000 phone calls. I was worried about my staff."

(It is only a game, people!)

Cumbernauld demands to be demolished.

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