Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sunset today was at five o’ clock and it wasn’t too cold so decided to cycle to the gym. By this time next week it will be light until almost a quarter past five so I can stop relying on overcrowded and expensive public transport and go back to cycling regularly.
I didn’t cycle last year until the end of February.

I’d like to put that down to self-improvement rather than global warming, if that’s okay with you.

Absolutely exhausted now, which is a shame as I have about eight hours of drawing to get through.
Just (re?)read a comic Script I wrote last year called Party Games, with half a mind to turn it into a one act stage play. It’s much better than I remember, and the end came as a pleasant surprise, because I couldn’t recall how I’d resolved any of the plot threads. I must get round to drawing it and sending it to someone, as I’m quite proud of it.

Top search strings for bringing people here in the last week include:
ivan noble blog
moore/eno interview
hotels near soppy walks
(and rather worryingly)
praia da rocha girls for sex

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