Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just about to turn off my drawing lamp and go to sleep.
Before I do - here is the news, fresh from the presses this morning, that caught my eye:

The Queen will not attend the wedding of her eldest son.
(But this is not a snub)

Rock ‘star’ Pete Doherty gets into a fist fight.
On stage.
With his own guitarist.
During a concert that he was only allowed to play due to the courts extended his curfew deadline by two hours.

An original Vettriano is stolen from a collector’s home.

Interpol lets the terrorists know, very loudly, that now would be a great time for a bio-terror attack.

And one from yesterday (thanks, Ang):
The world’s first mobile phone virus.
"There's good news: So far it appears the worm hasn't penetrated the Big Apple."

That’s fine then, isn’t it?

Night, night.

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