Saturday, February 12, 2005

I spent last night at Slappers cabaret at Turnmills.
It describes itself, or at least the patron Clifford Slapper describes it as, ‘An orgy of talent, a plethora of performers – A monthly melee of live music, poetry & performance’.

Star turns were Naomi Hyamson and Jenny, doing a warm up for their 75th birthday celebration show for Stephen Sondheim (at the Rosemary Branch), Vic Lambrusco and a very interesting act called No Bra, which consisted of a young man and woman who somehow managed to combine elements of pop act The Streets and Page 3 live on stage.
(And I can’t find them on the web anywhere, surprisingly if you enter “No Bra” and “slappers” into Google there’s a lot of material to dredge through).

Although most unexpected event of the evening was probably when Bez, fresh from winning the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, walked in.
He was as baffled as the rest of us.
But probably with more reason.

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