Monday, January 24, 2005

The world is once again a cosy place today as I finally got round to buying a replacement hat (a replacement for the one which was stolen a couple of weeks ago, that is, in case you came in halfway through my Wooly Hat Saga). In fact I bought three. So some bugger can steal two and I’ll still make it through the winter without my ears dropping off!

And the gentleman who accidentally took my swimming shorts last week returned them to the gym reception, for which I am very grateful. The patrons of the gym should be even more grateful though, as the old pair I was forced to use in their absence was threatening to fall apart with every length of the pool!

Ken Livingston has seen fit to increase the cost of pre-pay bus tickets by 43% this year, laughing in the face of all those who re-elected him on the strength of his commitment to getting people back on public transport. He has also deleted from existence the Weekend Travelcard, which (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about) made it a bit cheaper to travel at the weekend. I always thought that it was justified by the fact that the Tube is absolutely fucking atrocious on a Saturday and Sunday, and getting anywhere in central London from anywhere not in central London on those days is usually incredibly inconvenient. This year, when more weekend rail maintenance work is going on than even last year, making whole chunks of the underground unusable, he’s removed the one saving grace of the whole fiasco.

But I have three new hats, so I really shouldn’t complain.

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