Monday, January 03, 2005

As the police helicopters fly noisily overhead, looking for the first escaped crazy of the year to seek sanctuary in Mile End park, I realise that I’m back in London and it must be 2005. Good riddance to the Old. Let’s hope that the New brings us everything we were looking for last year and a bit more.

Unless the bit more is something nasty, in which case it can keep it, thanks very much.

I’ve been away from my desk for the last couple of weeks and have achieved very little myself, however I did return to find that in my absence I had become a translated author. My Alan Moore/Brian Eno report is available at the Ultrazine in Italian.
Many thanks to Smoky Man for the privilege.

Also if the person who found my journal using the Google search criteria ‘throb on one side of head & nose bleed’ could contact me I would be most grateful. I just want to check that this isn’t what you want to do to me if we ever meet in person...

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