Wednesday, December 15, 2004

From exactly one year ago:

"Well this weekend the allies managed to capture Saddam.
I think I caught a cold.
Anyway - he looks more like Santa Claus to me than the recently ousted Iraqi dictator. If Bush and Blair have spoiled Christmas for the world's youth they'll be laughing on the other side of their face come 2004, I think we'll all agree.

Apart from that the weekend brought a Christmas party in my house, a birthday party in the West End (I'm getting too old to queue for an hour to get into a bar now... Although I doubt I would have bothered when I was eighteen) and ice skating in the Millennium Dome.

I also caught up with some comic reading, and finished colouring my Christmas card images (while watching Finding Nemo on the telly with Ang, Jane and Spud).
Now I just need to send them.

My friend Eck had a baby girl, who looks nothing like her father, to the relief of all involved.

It's a funny age to be, 26 (I nearly typed 25 there - I knew I was in denial about something!) as most of my friends back home are paired off and settled, making babies and homes and all things grown up, while down here in Never Never Land we're all still living, or trying to live, the same way we did when we were twenty. How long can it last I wonder?
Ask me again in a year's time.
Something tells me I'll have a better idea by then."

I like looking back and seeing what I was doing and saying a year ago. Unfortunately my journal archives don't seem to open very well in Firefox so I've had to resort to the dreaded IE to do so on this occasion.

I've written a report on the Alan Moore / Brian Eno interview I attended yesterday for famed comics blog The Beat. Hope it conveys just how impressive it was. I even got to meet the great man himself and shake his hand (into which I also thrust one of my own comics).

Which made up for finding out last night (via TV show QI) that chameleons don't actually change their skin colour to blend in with their environment at all! Apparently they do so according to their mood.

Is everything I thought I knew a lie?

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