Sunday, November 28, 2004

I’m sitting in a coffee place in East London listening in on other people’s conversations.
(Unless that’s illegal, in which case I’m reading the papers…)

The muppets on the table to my right are talking about how the terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers did so at 9 in the morning because they knew that they would be nice and quiet, and they didn’t want a huge death toll on their consciences. They’ve also been talking about how the guys we think were actually on the planes are still alive to this day and trying to clear their names, but the western press won’t allow them any means to do so.
Someone should tell Michael Moore…
(PS. I want a finder’s fee percentage)

November has been the single craziest month of the last decade for me. You actually wouldn’t believe all the stuff that’s happened to me personally, and to my friends and family in the last four weeks. There have been deaths, trouble has appeared from out of nowhere and everything from my fortune and safety to my freedom has been threatened.

That’s not an excuse for not posting recently – I have a pile of unsubmitted entries on my PDA. But it hasn’t helped.

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