Friday, November 05, 2004

Happy Guy Fawkes (note to self - must get round to writing that story I planned to write years ago, about what the world would be like today if the gunpowder plot had succeeded).

Four more years of Bush, eh? In some context that might be good news, but of course I'm talking about the US elections this week. And only people who believe that Adam and Eve were real people can be rejoicing at that news!

I think the elections have shown the world that the United States are no longer really united. America is really two separate countries - the liberal coastal states and the conservative central states.
What struck me though was that the political map of the US, with its blue outer ring and large red dot in the middle, now looks just like a target.

Anyway - I'm not here to talk politics - although what I am here for sometimes I wonder. I'm writing today's entry from the eleven o'clock train to Bristol where I am to attend the first Comics Pro Con - an organised gathering of comics professionals before the Comics Expo which goes on all weekend.
The Pro Con is an all day event culminating in The Eagle Awards (and the late opening of the resident's bar if past similar events are anything to go by) and should be fun. And the hotel has a pool and sauna, so as far as I'm concerned all is right with the world once again.

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