Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tough month.
Was up until 6 am on the morning of the comics festival putting the finishing touches to, and printing, my World’s Finest tale ‘Just Like Greta Garbo’.
I thought after such a marathon (well done to Ang who did the real thing on Monday, incidentally) I’d be in no shape for socializing at the convention, but the atmosphere really dragged me in and I ended up being one of the last men standing in the bar with the boys from Engine Comics.

The comics fest was really good fun, and it’s great to see all the faces you only get to see at these things. I have about a dozen follow-ups from it to get round to this week, but I’m still recovering.

I’ve decided to take a week off from anything stressful or difficult, after which I’ll decide if I’m going to try and write a novel at the speed of sound. I have plenty of other things that I want to write, but the ideas for this book have been percolating in my head now for the last couple of weeks and I think the exhilaration of finishing a large piece like a novel so quickly, if I manage, would be really amazing.

Movies watched this week:
Inside I’m Dancing (which was everything the quotes on the poster said it would be), Alien 3, Once Upon A Time In Mexico (which I was too tired to actually appreciate, so I’ll have to watch again) and De-Lovely (which was a brilliant film and will be joining my DVD collection as soon as it’s released).

Books/Comics read/started this week:
Writers and Artists Yearbook 2005, Watership Down, She Hulk, the new Comics Journal, latest issues of Authority Kev and Identity Crisis and E-Merl’s The Last Sane Cowboy.
… All of which I can’t say enough good things about so I won’t even bother.

Right – off to look for food.
As usual sorry for being out of contact for so long, not writing any e-mails or making phone calls, but as I said at the start of this post – it’s been a tough month.

Nanoo nanoo

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