Monday, September 06, 2004

The World According To Garp just came on the television. I love that film. (Unusually I like the film more than the book…)
In fact it’s so great I just bought the DVD on the web. I’ll watch it again when I get back from Cyprus. (It’s only available on Region 1 – like two other favourite films of mine – Man On The Moon and Clerks) so it’ll be coming here from Miami.

Saw Hellboy tonight, which was actually really cool - much better than I had feared. I’d heard it was more faithful to the comics, but the changes they made didn’t harm the story or the ideas in any way, so I suppose that’s fine.

On the way home Jane and I were nearly scared witless by an unexpected, huge golden crucifix in the window of a spooky house and then witnessed a robbery.
Eventful night and I’m now pretty tired. I’ll colour this kung fu comic thingy and then go to bed.

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