Thursday, September 23, 2004

It’s ten to six in the morning and London is dark. Just got off my late flight from Paphos, and picked up my even later bags, and now I'm returning home.
I took a peek at my email Inbox in the airport last night and counted 120 new messages. That's why I won't be switching on my laptop until later today.

In the last two weeks I have:
Sat on ten (I think) different beaches
Swam in the sea almost every day
Bought postcards but not written any of them
Eaten two Chinese meals, two pizzas and two mezes
Watched Doctor Strangelove, North By Northwest and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
(I also saw the Martin Clunes/Simon Nye revamp of Beauty and the Beast, which was I thought was really good)
Read nothing
Drawn almost nothing
Not got rid of the farmers tan I've been cultivating in London all summer

I'm guessing that I've missed the end of summer here, although I won't know for sure until the sun comes up.(Or doesn’t)

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