Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well the good news is that retirement suits me. As does this burst of good weather we’ve been having in London.
I’ve been unwinding this week, finishing off McKee’s Story before the seminar at the weekend, buying odds and ends I need for my new place (which remind me I need a new guitar strap) and not doing anything too strenuous…

My leaving (full-time employment for those who just came in) party on Tuesday was great. I plan to keep in touch with the guys I worked with at DrKW, as they are a really nice bunch.
Like I said in my farewell e-mail, they can expect to see my CV in eighteen months time by which point I would imagine freelance writing will have completely drained my savings and I’ll be living off beans and cardboard…

So far this week I’ve been quite cultured; Terry Callier’s Jazz Café gig on Monday and Jeff Salmon’s Sleight Of Mind show in Hampstead last night where he skillfully demonstrated his grasp of mentalism. Talking to him after the show he recommended some reading on the subject. (You can expect the brain washing aspects of this Blog to kick in sometime at the end of the summer).

I’m going to see the Rat Pack next week in the West End (Jen’s been helping them with their auditions), as well as hoping to catch Kill Bill 2 and Van Helsing.

Apart from that I have nothing to report captain.

Mork out.

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