Wednesday, February 18, 2004

When passing through all the towns on the route of the Flying Scotsman between London and Edinburgh I find myself marvelling at how grim they all seem. Of course the bits of small towns that are closest to the train station are unlikely to be the first place the council is going to put a lovely park, or anything pretty at all, in fact. The towns are probably all very nice, but just have grim bits near the train station.
Sorry - that just occurred to me.

There's a bit of the country around the border that always looks lovely from the train. One town in particular looks absolutely idyllic. I always mean to figure out the name of the town, but never get round to it. Maybe this time...

I've had a fantastic week. I've been staying up late (just like my mum promised I could when I was a grown up) and sleeping in late (just like my last boss said I could when he had me escorted from the building) and going to the gym when no one else is there (because they’re all at work). I was lying in the bubble-spa-thing-at-the-gym on Monday (just before the fitness rush hour was about to begin) thinking how great it is not having to be desk bound during the day. It has strengthened my resolve to finish the day job in May.
Life will be even better when the sun is shining!

I'm on the train now to Edinburgh; laptop, PDA, drawing bag etc. packed and joining me on my travels. I've almost finished the pencils for Scribe, and hopefully I'll start inking while I'm up there.
I've also brought lots of drawings of footballers for Andy's latest literary venture, and I'm going to colour them in front of the telly tomorrow night.

Oh life is good.

But do you like teddy bears in your bed?
How about tomato ketchup on your head?
Sorry the granny in the seat adjacent to me is playing tops and tails with her grandson and he's loving it. I'm quite enjoying it too.

(Mental note: Overhead the aforementioned granny tell the little boy about how polar bears live at the north pole, and penguins at the south, because penguins can't fly away and the bears would eat them... BUT there is a bird which can fly and does live with the bears... And it’s called something like a guillemo… Must check this)

Over and out.

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