Saturday, February 14, 2004

Staying up until five am drawing, and sleeping through till one destroys your sleeping pattern and makes it difficult to deal with people-who-are-usually-awake-during-the-daytime when the weekend comes around.
Hello I am Mr Zombie today.

New banner up advertising the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2004, which I will be exhibiting at. Sorry to Patrick for taking so long to get it on here.

It should be a really cool event and if you're in the area (or even in London as it's central enough) please drop in and say hello. I'll have lots of copies of Awkward Fascination on sale (with its lovely colour cover and nice paper), and (fingers crossed) my new comic Scribe will be there with me too. I've been working quite hard on it all week and I'm almost happy with it.
If I manage then I should have some ashcan previews of The Party to give away.

Normal posting should resume shortly after the penciling is done. (Or maybe just after I return from Scotland - we'll see).

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