Thursday, January 22, 2004

All internet reviewers must die.

I went to see Paycheck last night, as I am honour bound to do as a dedicated fan of the late Philip K Dick, and while it wasn't a fantastic film it was enjoyable and (of course) based on a clever and enthralling premise. The editor should be strung up for letting the cheesy lines at the end through, but then the editor of Lord Of The Rings : Return of the King seems to have been spared and he/she allowed the Hobbits bouncing on the bed scene through the net - so apparently anything can be forgiven.

What was I talking about? Oh yes - these half arsed pseudo journalists on the web who write a review of a movie they've just seen but apparently don't have the capacity to understand.

Case in point - Paycheck. I just did a cursory trawl of the net to see what the general consensus was and was honestly shocked at the amount of rubbish masquerading as criticism and review there was.

Most of these web-monkeys list plot holes for those unfortunate few who understood the film even less than they did, despite the fact that they missed the only real plot hole (oddly very similar to the one in Minority Report - security related for anyone that's interested) and instead list things that they've completely misinterpreted.

And there are hundreds of these idiots!
I really hope no one pays them any attention at all.

Pah - on Monday the internet was a great invention, today it is nothing more than an annoyance.

The car chase went on for too long, but apart from that and the terrible dialogue in the last four minutes of the film it was a good effort from Mr Woo and screenwriter Dean Georgaris.

Now that's a review!

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