Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well - a quick one from Los Angeles. (Apologies for poor spelling/grammar - I will correct this mess later)
Arnie is Governor - it's official! I witnessed it from about 3 miles from where he was, in the Straddle bar - where folks try to tame a huge bucking bronco... That is, I was there, not him... In case that last sentence was in any way ambiguous.
I'm writing this from the hotel I'm staying at in Hollywood, and I'm told I have 7 minutes to finish this blog entry... That would be fine if the bloodyspacebarworked!

OK - done so far.
Been to Universal Studios and metthe Hulk, Shrek and Spongebob. Notsurewho Spongebob is but it was a pleasure nontheless.
Saw the Hollywood sign. Saw Venice Beach, and all the crazies there. Saw the Chinese Theatre, and the hand/foot prints.
(My feet are bigger than John Wayne's were! Although he was wearing cowboy boots so maybe it's an unfair comparison)
Also saw Randy Qaid and the tubby one from Reservoir Dogs get their Hollywood star.

I've been reliable informed that the Straddle barfeatured in an episode of Sex In The City (or is that And - I don't watch much TV).
Auckland tonight.

Maybe see you there?

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