Friday, September 19, 2003


Disclaimers at the bottom of spam usually say something like 'This is not unsolicited e-mail - you asked for this shit, so don't bother complaining', even though you never asked for anything of the sort.

I just received spam that had this as the disclaimer at the bottom:
"cachalot Kiowa ensnaringly hurryingly abstractive nonresuscitation Hyracodontidae nodder Rehoboam crunchingness unpractical decreement overthwartly deedless unked acuate citizenhood venireman myzostomous sporadial underhandedly bedlamize biose nonchivalrous maltodextrin paragglutination quizzery saloonkeeper bulldogged comestible antiexpansionist heptaglot Leatherstocking nonblooming Amerimnon Darghin monogamously vegetant condistillation Batatas Talinum ovenware metemptosis forebitt dihedron Stomapoda unapplied hemiageusia apostematic Fezziwig unendingly Pteropidae nonillumination amphigean jovialize vapography inductional laconism preannex masturbator onto unsurplice protoepiphyte coburgess"

What the hell is going on?

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