Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The heat has melted everything today, including my brain, so this post is unlikely to make much sense.
Especially considering how pissed off I am.

About what, I'm sure I hear you ask.
Texas, my friend. Texas.

Comic shop owner Jesus Castillo is convicted for selling a comic book, containing adult material, to another adult.
The adult customer found the comic in an Adults Only section of the shop. He was also an undercover federal agent.
Texas state pressed criminal charges against Mr Castillo, explaining that comics are a childrens' medium and anything obscene or adult therein is inappropriate and illegal. They were successful, and the comic shop owner was sentenced to 180 days in jail (probated for one year) and a fine of $4000.

This is a terrifying legal precedent, and takes America back to the days of Wertham and his Seduction of the innocent.
Read about it here at Newsarama.

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